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Veľké Kapušany ENSearch

About the Town

The town of Veľké Kapušany is situated at an altitude of 110 m in area of ​​ 29.61 km2. The town lies in the East Slovakian Lowland - between the Uh, Latorica and Laborec rivers, and is considered the center of Použie. The northern part of the town is located in the old agglomerated valley of Uh, which is formed by clay and is sand covered with powerful quarters of river and ebolitical quarries.

The southern part of the town is occupied by the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Latorica, the central part of which was registered in 1993 between internationally important wetlands (the Ramsar sites). The territory of the Ramsar site, as well as the territory of the protected landscape area, is characterized by floodplain forests - a system of dead shoulders and alluvial meadows with terrain depressions and marshes. Natural floodplain forests represent complexes with characteristic and extremely rare water and marshy biocenoses.

Within a 5 km proximity there is the Ortov Nature Reserve, which is a typical dead shoulder. The Nature Reserve of the Ortov is more or less surrounded by agricultural land, but it is isolated from the larger flow and conservation activities and is a unique natural phenomenon, unlike any other in our country. A number of natural wetland and aquatic plant communities have survived in the lake reservoir with several, nowadays rare, plants.



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