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Accessibility statement


Accessibility statement

The web site of Veľké Kapušany tries as much as possible to comply with the current legislation on accessibility of websites - amendment 570/2009 of Act 275/2006 Coll. on information systems of public administration and valid revenue of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

Accessibility with user-side restrictions

The web site is accessible even after images, cascading styles (CSS), and JavaScript are turned off. The font size is defined in relative units, and the text can be easily zoomed in and out using a standard web browser tool or tools implemented on the site. The web site also provides a voice reading function.

There are well-defined headlines and lists on the page, and all images have an alternate text. The text colour is chosen to match the contrast, texture and background brightness values.

All links are opened in the same window, except when the visitor is warned with the help of hovering over the line (i.e. by using the title attribute).

The applied web-accessibility methodology

The web site complies with all important accessibility rules according to the following methodologies: WCAG 1.0 (W3C Consortium), Blind Friendly Web, its Slovak version of Blind Friendly Web (The Union of Blind and Sighty Slovakia).




The accessibility of Veľké Kapušany´s website

Text size

The text size in both navigation and content is defined in relative units (em) and can be edited using standard internet browser tools.


Layout and content structure is created according to the XHTML 1.1 standard, visual presentation using CSS2 cascading styles. By using cascading styles it can be disabled in the browser setting without affecting the accessibility of webpages.


These specifications allow you to view web pages without limitation of functionality on any browser or reader, including PDAs, mobile phones, alternative browsers, and readers for the disabled.



All images and photos carrying some content are marked with the “alt“ and/or „title“ attributes. Illustrative images are marked with an empty “alt“ attribute. Web pages are manageable and legible even with images being turned off.



All text and background colours are designed to be in sufficient contrast and have a sufficient brightness difference. Texts should therefore be readable for users with visual disturbances and other dysfunctions that make it difficult to perceive text content. The web page is fully usable even when setting up a “High Contrast“ work environment.

Štructured content

When viewing web pages with barrier-free Access (such as with cascade styles off or in a plain text browser), you can skip navigation and move directly to the page content. Site semantic content structure is maintained using hx tags, making it easier to jump over thematic content.


Text links (hyperlinks) are clearly distinguished by underlining and different colouring.  


Link-opening in a new window

Links do not open in a new window except when the user is notified. Due to the XHTML standard used, JavaScript is used to open a new window.

Links to files outside of webpages

The user is always alerted by reference to a non-web document (e.g. jpg, gif, flash, doc, pdf, etc.) either by parenthesis behind the link or by reference in the title description.



Web page printing

Part of the website is likewise the print version of CSS style. All pages can be printed using standard internet browser tools (e.g. via the File – Print menu)


Accessibility exceptions

The colour of visited and unlinked links (hyperlinks) is the same.



Documents for downloading are provided in allowed formats, especially PDF, RTF, XLS or DOC with a PDF twin. Some older documents on the page are provided in PDF only as images. This site stores files, generally known as cookies, in accordance with the law on your device.


Webmaster contact: Comments on accessibility and content of the web site can be sent to Each and every shortcoming will be removed as soon as possible.



Copyright Notices

Under the Copyright and Related Rights Act no. 618/2003 Z.z., WEBY GROUP declares that i tis the intellectual property owner, producer and distributor of software bearing the trade name.

The author of the work WEBS GROUP, s.r.o., as holder of the right to work, reserves, pursuant to Act no. 618/2003 Coll. the right to decide on the use and dissemination of the work. Any violation of this right will be resolved in accordance with Copyright, Business, and Civil Law.

The Certificate can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on this link

It provides software implementation on a web site and a web page programmer.

All used apps are used in accordance with copyright law.


Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

WEBY PORTAL does not use and does not provide third-party visitor data to the WEB PORTAL. Nor does it sell or offer other commercial data. WEBY GROUP provides data storage according to the security project.




Web site visitors´ data is recorded in the following case:

·         Registration of users for the purpose of collecting info-mails of Email alert messages sent from WEB PORTAL.

·         Registration of users for SMS messages – SMS alert

·         Registration of users to contribute to registered discussions

Email alert

For the collection of info-mails, 2 data are required (unless otherwise provided by the webmaster. i.e. the municipality or the town) 

1.      Username (may not be the same as the actual registrant´s name)

2.      Password

The completion of these data is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. If the registrant also fills in other data about his/her person, he/she will fill in the data voluntarily and at the same time agree to store the data on the server.

SMS alert

The following information is filled in for sampling SMS information:

·         Name

·         Last name

·         Telephone number

·         Password

·         Confirmation of the password

These mandatory fields need to be filled in to correctly verify SMS information and the user completes this information voluntarily, without coercion. The data are for SMS reporting purposes only; they are not provided to third parties and cannot be otherwise manipulated. WEBY GROUP has a secure security data protection project designed to store data on its servers, ensuring their protection.

In order to effectively work with a website, the usability of applications, forms, and the powerful web site needs are being remembered:

1.      IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of registered users if they have an IP address assigned

2.      The date and time when the registered user is logged in via the web interface

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookie is a short text file that is stored in an Internet browser from the websites you visit. It lets you remember the information about your visit. The next visit to the site can be easier and more so efficient.


Definition of Cookie in Wikipedia

We use cookies on our sites to improve our services. By viewing our site, you agree on using these files. You can use or delete your cookies by setting up your Internet browser. A more detailed guide is provided below.

How we use cookies

The cookies we use on our website are “short-term“ (are automatically deleted when the browser is turned off) and “long-term“ (remain stored in the browser even when the computer is shut down). Long-term settings include the user´s settings. It serves to increase its convenience when using our services, or for statistical or advertising purposes.

Some cookies may collect information that is subsequently used by third parties, “Third party cookies“: 
 - we use the AdSense advertising system from Google, and we use advanced Google Analytics statistics to track traffic statistics – how Google treats your cookies here
- you can also find integrated content from other sites on our site – Facebook links.

In order to know how these third parties use cookies read their privacy policy and cookie usage.

How you refuse to use cookies

You can opt out using cookies in your internet browser. Depending on your browser, see how to set up cookies:

     - For Chrome
     - For Firefox
     - For Internet Explorer
     - For Android


An effective tool for managing cookies can also be found on


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The town of Veľké Kapušany

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Ing. František Perhács, 
Mgr. Emese Móré Kopasz


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